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A large number of people set out to walk the Pennine Way carrying 22Kg (50lbs) on their backs and fail within the first 50 miles. Is there really a need to carry that much weight? It's a personal choice.

With careful thought and long term forward planning our average pack weights were 9Kg (20lbs) and we travelled very comfortably. Light weight walking is not just about buying the lightest equipment. Light weight walking is a whole different approach to walking. Our ideas and strategies for the light weight approach are continually being developed.

For an excellent primer on ultralight backpacking see Mark Verber's Recommended Outdoor Gear or you can follow some excellent discussion and debate about 'light weight' and 'ultra light weight' walking in the forums at

This list is based on a particuar set of requirements. Before undertaking any kind of hill walking you must assess your own skill set, your fitness, the predicted weather, and the potential weather.

Sleep and Shelter Notes 2010
Tent ULA T3 1255g An excellent tent, sadly no longer manufactured. This tent is still my main tent

Sleeping bag Vango 850 1200g Reasonable down to 5C when sleeping in suitable clothing. I am still using this bag
We will be changing to either
Bozeman Mountain Works Pertex Quantum Arc X Down Sleeping Bag (0C)(425g) or
Marmot Helium Down Sleeping Bag (-5C) 725g

Thermorest 3/4 length ultralite 550g Compact and easy to carry Will change to Neo Air this year

Ground sheet Tyveck 8' X 5' 100g

Backpack Notes 2010
Pack GVP4 375g An excellent product from the USA.  

Cooking/Eating Notes 2010
Stove Brasslite 100g Burning Methylated Spirts

Water Filter Trekwell 200g

Cook set Snowpeak 320g

Clothes Notes 2010
Shoes Merrell: Chameleon 950g (pair) Great shoes. 700 miles on my first pair. Now using Inov8 330's. Excellent shoes.

Socks Sealskinz waterproof (1 pair) 135g These worked well for both of us. Usable live span about as long as the Merrell shoes if you don't miss treat them. Each pair lasts an average of one year.

Socks Polyester running socks (3 pairs) 40g

Shorts Nylon running shorts (3 pairs) 80g

Shirts Polyester T shirts (3) 140g

Waterproof Mountain Hardware Jacket 410g  Replaced by a Montane e-vent jacket which works nicely

Fleece top Mountain Hardware 520g

Overtrousers Abris 320g No longer available.

Treking Poles 510g   We now no longer use poles.

With sundry items and 6 days of food we were carrying approximately 10KG (22lbs) each.

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